Eliminate Lists on Actions You Want To Complete

 Eliminate Lists on Actions you want to Complete

OK, so you have a list of what to do daily, but did you know that such a list can be inefficient in so many instances.

Most times you are even wrongly convinced that you are capable of accomplishing some tasks on a daily basis only to find out that you can’t.

These types of lists are built on two major things which are frustration and high level of unrealistic thoughts and imagination.

One way that you can go about this one, is to have calendar of what next you would want to do. The calendar is what will help you to keep to your appointments and behave like a professional.

You should learn to stick to whatever you have on your calendar.

Eliminate Lists on Actions you want to CompleteFor instance, you may plan seeing the doctor the next day’ try and be sure to do that.

Such a list will help you to prioritise your tasks and then chose which ones will be given urgent attention. If you are going to be a doing a particular task now, then it is important that you have the other tasks fixed in your “next actions” list.

With such a list at your disposal, you will be able to know which task to handle next and so on.

if you prioritise intelligently, you’ll focus your time and energy on high value activities, which will mean that you’re more productive, and more valuable to your team.

Keeping a properly structured and thought-out list sounds simple enough. But it can be surprising how many people fail to use them at all, never mind use them effectively. In fact, it’s often when people start to use them effectively and sensibly that they make their first personal productivity breakthroughs, and start making a success of their careers.

The best thing here is to make sure that the tasks are arranged in their order of importance and urgency.

At least this will help you to know which one to use without having to get into the confusion of choosing.

Just imagine that you are at the bus stop, and your bus will be delayed for the next three hours.

You will have to ask yourself the following to make headway:

• Is there any task that I can finish while I wait?

• Is there any time to finish any task?

• Do I have the needed strength for any of the tasks?

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