Entering the World of Coaching: A Learning Mindset Will Help Us Through

This is a guest post written by June Rousso

June Rousso, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, life coach, and writer practising in New York City. You can learn more about June HERE

Entering the world of coaching

Entering the world of coaching can be at once an exciting and intimidating endeavor. For me, the excitement is learning a new skill set with broad-reaching implications. Coaching techniques can be used personally and professionally- with private clients and in the workplace. Coaching techniques based upon principles of positive psychology have a particular appeal for me -fostering an atmosphere of optimism even in the most trying of circumstances and looking for the best in people rather than holding a magnifying glass to their flaws, at times an occupational hazard in the psychotherapy world.

For someone new to coaching like myself, even with a background as a psychotherapist, there is still the intimidation factor. This, I believe, stems from the human tendency towards social comparison. As newbies, we will always meet people in the field who have years of experience upon us and using social comparison, we can come out on the short end of the stick and become discouraged.

Drawing upon positive psychology, this is where the concept of mindset can help us through our early growth period. Mindset is a lens through which we view our world. When our mindset views are fixed, the lens is cast with negativity. Being new to coaching, we have a choice though- we can hold onto beliefs that we will never be good enough and that there will always be people superior to us in coaching skills – or we can take a more positive path. This is where the concept of learning mindset comes into the picture. With a learning mindset we perceive the world through a transparent lens – curious and open to experience – gathering and processing new information. So as a new coach, I am eager to learn as much as I can, and to share and grow with others, rather than tallying what others may have in their coaching bank.

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One of the reasons that I became involved with The Positive Psychology Hub is that I see it as an avenue for people new to the field, but, of course, not limited to it, to grow as a coach using a learning mindset. It would be disheartening to watch passions doused by social comparisons. From a learning mindset perspective, those with more experience should be inspirational and models from which we can develop into our own uniqueness as a coach. With such a positive mindset there is so much that we can learn and in the future have opportunities to share our learning with others.

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One thought on “Entering the World of Coaching: A Learning Mindset Will Help Us Through

  • awesome article!!! Gives me hope! Thank you June, I agree with the need for a positive mindset, and eliminating comparison to others eith more experience. I am. It a coach, nonetheless, this attitude can help in all areas. 🙂 good read!!

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