February 21, 2017

Private Facebook Group


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Become a HUB member and get access to our exclusive private Facebook group


There are several features that we can utilise with our private Facebook group that will benefit  you as members and business owners

  • Group Chat: everyone in the Facebook group can use the Chat feature at the same time. So you can have a conversation around complicated subjects to work things out without having to pick up the phone or back-and-forth emails. As far as I know, you can’t use this function on a mobile device (mobile browser or app) at the moment, though.
  • Shared Document creation: the whole Facebook group can have input on one document and be able to edit what other members have put on it. This feature is similar to using Google Docs, and can be used to refine promotional text, press releases, responses to controversy, etc.
  • Private photo sharing: members can post photos that no one else on Facebook can see. For example, Secret Facebook Group members on an advertising team can discuss which images to use on an upcoming campaign. They could create albums with the name of their upcoming advertising campaigns and put several images in them to discuss in the comments or in the Group chat. You can tag the photos, but only with the names of the members of the Facebook group.
  • Shared email address: Facebook lets you create a custom email address you can use to email posts to the Secret Facebook Group page. You can email text and images. I’ll show you how to create that special email address in a moment.

Amazing reasons why you should join our exclusive Facebook group

  1. Facebook groups are a fantastic place to find ideas for topics to write about on your blog. Read through the posts and comments and scan over controversial topics, posts of interest, debates, and what’s trending in your industry. Facebook groups are a great place to find problems and solutions to help you serve your own audience better.
  2. Find the answers to your own burning questions! Speed up your learning curve, sit back and watch as the experts give out the answers. Just remember not to just take anyone’s advice, check out the credibility of that person first by perhaps clicking through to their Facebook profile and check them out.
  3. If you join our PRO Membership here at the HUB then you will have access to a free Mentor. Finding the right mentor to partner up with can take some time. What better place to find your mentor than connecting through the Facebook group, strike up conversations, ask questions and see if you feel comfortable with that person.
  4. Connecting via a Facebook group with other people in your industry is a great way to find freelancers through word and mouth. Ask within the group if anyone can recommend any freelancer they have used that comes highly recommended. When it comes time to hire your first team member or staff member, finding these people through existing connections is the best place to start.
  5. Facebook groups are one of the best places for networking and online relationship building. As you would already know, networking with others in your industry or niche is a must in order to build a successful business. If you are shy now, work on your personal development so you can grow your confidence to reach out to others. This will honestly serve you in the long run.
  6. Business referrals will come easily and naturally through conversation via a Facebook group. Often Practitioners may form connections with people who are interested in their services but for some reason or another (overbooked or wrong target market) you could get given referrals just like that!
  7. Broaden your knowledge and expertise through Facebook groups. Just reading through the feed alone and interacting with others in your niche, you will earn so much. Expanding your knowledge on a regular basis not only helps you in your own business but will eventually build your own authority and credibility throughout your industry.
  8. Joining Facebook groups in your own niche will also help you expand your own social reach. You will make so many new connections and even lifelong friendships that your audience will naturally grow on your own social media pages.
  9. Now Facebook groups are NOT all about spamming your own links, products or services. You do need to be wary of this and most Facebook groups will have their own sets of rules. But, just through natural conversation or taking the conversation off the group via Facebook Messenger etc you will have the opportunity to share your website and in turn generate more traffic to your site.


The best way to make the most of Facebook groups is to become a sponge and absorb as much information as possible. Don’t waste your valuable time by hanging out in the group every day making small talk.

Use the Facebook group wisely and also be willing to share your own knowledge and wisdom (this will also help build your own credibility)

Pay attention to what is going on, don’t disrespect others and don’t be negative. Facebook groups are a great place to promote positivity, lend a helpful hand, spread knowledge and generally just share amazing ideas with each other.

Also make sure you visit the group on a regular basis (daily if possible) share value and be engaging.

So, to get started in our exclusive private Facebook group it really is easy! You’ll get complete access to the whole group, expert panel, leaders, mentors, documents and files all for FREE when you become a Positive Psychology HUB Member. Simply click on the banner below to see how easy it is to JOIN!




private facebook group


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