Meaningful Moments

This is a guest post written by Franca De Caria-Fagan

Franca De Caria-Fagan is a certified member of the Canadian Health Information Management Association. She has worked in hospital settings for 34 years. Franca enjoys yoga, writing, cooking, and gardening, though she has yet to purchase a good green thumb. The science of positive psychology and happiness excites, challenges, and motivates her.

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For many of us, Positive Psychology is like an anchor holding us firmly on to the raft of life.

In this busy existence we live in, and with work, family, commitments, finances, non-stop things to do, it is easy for most of us to lose sight of the bigger picture, the one that really helps to centre us, and take stock of our lives and what is really important.

For me, it is a challenge to set aside time each day for all the things which can improve my life such as, – exercise, fresh air, journaling, meditation, connecting with friends, even  reading a book.

Instead, it is go, go, go. With only moments, and mental notes to myself with all these things I should do to slow down – time.

I may not have huge amounts of time, but  what works for me is incorporating “meaningful moments” into my life throughout my day, every day.

As I sit at work I take a moment to stop and think over something that is Important to me. Have I contributed to someone’s happiness today, maybe by smiling at them; enquiring how they are, their family too? Or did I go out of my way to help someone? Maybe with the fax machine, or a computer problem? Did I express concern and compassion to anyone? Really listen to them, offer my sincere empathy? Did I open doors for others, thank them if they did? Did I try to connect to others in a meaningful way that mattered and was memorable?

As I think over my “meaningful moments” I experience,  I feel happier. I am pleased I am aware of these moments, and although they take little time and effort, they boost my sense of connectedness with others and my harmony and well being.

As I lay in bed before I sleep, my “meaningful moments” can dictate an act of kindness I wish to express the next day. Buy a coffee for someone, bring a lunch to an overworked co-worker. Buy flowers for someone who is lonely or experiencing difficulty.

Over time, Meaningful moments permanently take over a part of my every day thought process. It becomes – my normal. Even if I don’t want to think about it, it is natural and effortless. Just me being me.

My very favourite part of experiencing my “meaningful moments? Is my ability to recognize when I am part of someone else – creating either deliberately or undeliberately –  special moments with me. It could be the way they smile at me. Ask about my family. Or help me with my computer. Genuinely listen to me when I speak. Offer empathy, compassion, Hold the door open. Best of all, I clearly notice when others are connecting to me in a meaningful way that matters and is memorable.

I may not have all the time I wish to accomplish all the things I like, but those few “meaningful moments” throughout the day gives me satisfaction, less negative emotions, and I feel more fulfilled.

That’s a whole lot for so little.

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