Opening our Eyes to Acts of Kindness


FrancaWritten by: Franca DeCaria-Fagan

Some people come into our lives quietly, and exit soon thereafter. Others come in noisily, and stay for a long stretch. Sometimes people come into our lives for no other reason than as a reminder our lives can be transformed by their generosity, kindness, compassion, and connection.


Finding like minded people in my life path seems easier now that I am older. My younger version of me lacked esteem and confidence to take in people’s goodness directed at me, instead I may have only focused on how I was being perceived and less what positive interaction was coming my direction.


There seems lately, more and more, a new surge of positive psychology minded people who are consciously giving back, improving lives, uplifting society and simply using daily tools to contribute and influence positive change around them.


It appears acts of kindness are more evident now. And affirmation of the good these acts can do, is almost common place.


In the scope of life, it would seem our acts of kindness, could possibly be missed or misread, by our recipient. Perhaps,  they are unable to receive this act due to reasons such as low self esteem, busyness, distraction, unreceptive, or disinterest. Thus, our act of kindness, may not be noticed and may not even make a positive difference in our recipient. And we may wonder if we are wasting our time doing good things for others.

On the other hand, when we initiate acts of kindness towards someone whom we can see, we have truly made a difference in their level of happiness, our own happiness increases and this encourages us to repeat our acts of kindness to others.

There are other times though, where someone does initiate an act of kindness towards us and  we feel an incredible positive outcome. One that transforms us. Unexpectedly, awakening us from despair, hopelessness, lost of faith, loneliness. Or an assumption no one cares. It is like we are reborn to the idea we are cared for, we matter, we are loved. It is these feelings that can develop gratitude in us,  when receiving an act of kindness.

The key, is awareness. Unless we are aware and allow ourselves to observe throughout our day, those moments or circumstances when there is someone who really is consciously providing us with an act of kindness. The wonderful feelings we could receive by acknowledging this will be lost on us.


Throughout our day, it would serve us well, to remain open to all the good that comes our way. Assimilate, slowly digesting it,  savouring, acknowledging, observing wholeheartedly, the good we are receiving and genuinely being grateful for it. This could bring to us, genuine joy, gratitude and deeper happiness.


To you who incorporate positive psychology in your life, or strive to add joy to this world, you are my Hero. You have touched me deeply, and have made a difference in my life.


Thank you!

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