March 24, 2017

Why Peer to Peer Accountability?


peer to peer accountabality


  1. Behaviour an Integral part of Accountability

It is only with new behaviours that new strategies, goals, or initiatives can help you become successful.


“What you’re waiting for will never come.” Unless you are prepared to put in the hard work and effort.


Achievement and accountability for your business are all about behaviour change.


The most exciting part of this peer to peer buddy system is the opportunity to partner up with someone (preferably on a similar stage to you in your business goals) so you can bounce ideas off each other.


You can map out new strategies and goals and establish the behaviours needed to go in the right direction of your business.

It is good to establish some behavioural ground rules together, for this partnership to be successful e.g:


  • Assuming the positive intent of others
  • Holding yourself accountable for your actions
  • Let your guard down. This accountability system can only be truly effective when you trust each other
  • Give permission to your partner first. Take the lead in asking for help and insight. Ask your partner to help you by holding you accountable when you happen to let them down, or come across the wrong way, or steamroll their ideas.
  • Assume positive intent. Keep your eye on the prize – which is the collective results of your organization. Don’t take feedback personally.
  • Give the benefit of the doubt. Ask why before you make a judgment call about your partner’s behaviour. Understand their motives and intentions before deciding that their actions signal a lack of trust.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable. One of our hardest jobs as partners is to be forthright with our peer. Remember that you are doing this because you both want to grow successful practices.


  1. Accountability Feedback

A big obstacle in this peer to peer partnership is overcoming the hesitance to give each other immediate critical feedback.


If a friendship forms and the partnership is positive you may think you are at risk of harming the relationship by telling the truth.


Ultimately though, if there is a lack of long-term accountability, the positive relationships disappear anyway.


If you choose to ignore constructive feedback, the accountability won’t really work and it will hurt you and your partner eventually.


The best way to see this new peer to peer responsibility of accountability is to see yourself as a buddy for each other.

Someone who can uplift you, inspire you, motivate you and help you.


Look at this person is someone to learn from, or someone that you could also ultimately help towards their success.


  1. 100 Points Accountability System

Peer to Peer accountability systems are also a way to keep score.


We have created this tool because many people new to business often get confused on what their productive work is.


Making sure you are taking the right actions, day to day is what will help you grow your business and gain new clients.


By aiming to collect at least 100 points per day, you will create sustainable, profitable growth for your business.


The activities laid out in the 100 points system are not something to do when you are just getting your business started, but tasks that you will always need to keep up in order to bring a steady flow of clients.


If you and your partner can master peer-to-peer accountability with each other, you have a game-changer on your hands. Once you start to see and feel your productivity rising and the tension disappearing – you’ll be on your way to an amazing business!


peer to peer program
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